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Data Acquisition Systems

A Selection Guide

The Neff Selector - a step-by-step tutorial designed to help you find the Neff product that fits your data acquisition needs.


Anyone assigned the task of selecting a data acquisition system must first learn something about the test to be performed and the type and extent of analysis to be performed on the resulting data. These criteria will help provide the basis on which subsequent decisions are founded.

  • Quantity of each type of transducer
  • Signal magnitude
  • Signal frequency
  • System accuracy

       More on parameters

Other parameters should be added or calculated.

  • Filtering requirements
  • Channel sampling rate based on aliasing, signal reconstruction, or skew between channels
  • Aggregate throughput rate based upon the sampling rate and the number of channels

       More on Filters, Sampling and Throughput

Operating common-mode voltage requirements and rejection of these voltages; CMRR.

  • Still other issues must be resolved in some cases
  • Phase shift between channels even when sampled simultaneously
  • Must sampling be synchronized with external events?

       More on Shifts, Triggers, etc.



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