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Neff Product Overview

System 470

Low-Cost, versatile low-level multiplexer I/O system featuring 16-bit /10Khz throughput, with filtering and signal conditioning, SCSI, GPIB and ethernet interfaces. more

System 471

Versatile isolated programmable gain amplifier/channel multiplexed system w/16-bit 10KHz throughput. Signal conditioning and general I/O included. more

System 472

Programmable gain amplifier/channel multiplexed system w/16-bit 50KHz throughput.
Included built in automatic calibration. Accepts all System 470 digital I/O cards. more

System 495

High speed recorder features programmable amplifier/filter/ADC/memory per channel 1m sample/Sec with up to 64 samples of on board memory per channel. Includes signal conditioning. more

System 620/600

Multiplexed amplifier/channel with built-in calibration, 16-bit resolution, 100 KHz
throughput, analog bandwidth, to 1 KHz and program selectable 2 or 6-pole filters. more

System 730

Dynamic signal acquisition. 14KHz analog bandwidth, 16-bit ADC/channel, 2M Sample/Sec throughput rate and digital filters per channel with no phase shift (delay) between channels. more



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