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System 730
Function Card

System 730 (730060)           Back to 730


Full Scale Inputs:          Twelve programmable steps provide bipolar
                                        input ranges of 5mV to 10.24V Full
Accuracy,                       dc: (0.02% FS + 2 uV) for 30 days
                                        at constant temperature
Zero Stability:                1m V/ C change from calibration temperature.
Passband Ripple:         < 0.005dB
Phase Match:                1 for passband frequencies to 3KHz 
                                        (8KHz sample rate).
AC Coupling:                 -3dB at 1.0Hz
Input Impedance:
          dc Coupled:          10 M Ohms in parallel with 500pF
          ac Coupled:          1 M Ohms in parallel with 500pF.
Rejection:                       66dB + gain in dB to 120dB max.,
                                        dc to 60Hz with 350 Ohm source imbalance,
                                         in dc coupled mode.
Voltage Substitution
Calibration:                    Solid state relay provided to switch amplifier
                                        input terminals to common CAL bus under
                                        program control.
Stopband Rejection:      -120dB Unfiltered, 10.24V @ 5mA from
                                        each channel.
Excitation Supply:          Programmable to 10V with 12 bit resolution,
                                        50 mA per channel. Excitation supply readback
Autobalance:                  12 bit resolution. Invoked by computer.
Physical Dimensions:     7-inch panel height in 19" rack; 23-inch depth
                                         behind front panel. NEFF recommends that
                                         assemblies be mounted in a 19-inch rack with
                                         30-inch depth to accommodate connector build-up.
Power Requirements:     105V to 130V (220V to 250V), 50 to 400 Hz, 700W.
Cooling Requirements:  To be mounted in cabinet with unobstructed
                                         airflow and equipped with a 300cfm blower.
Environmental:               0 C to 50 C, 90% relative humidity. Will
                                         withstand shock and vibration of normal
                                         shipping and handling of laboratory equipment.






Digital Input Card 730011                     Back to 730

The Model 730011 Digital Input card provides 26 isolated digital inputs to the System 730. Handshake signals provide synchronization with the user device. Optic coupling is used to isolate all inputs and outputs from system ground.

STROBE input and HOLD output signals are provided to handshake with the user device.
HOLD is an output signal used to indicate that a read-cycle is in progress.

Multiple digital input cards may be installed to input data words wider than 26 bits. Cards are synchronized by means of a single wire ORed signal.






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