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System 620/600
Function Card

Series 600 (620650, 620654)            Back to 600


Speed:                                    Program selected:100 KHz or 50 KHz.  
Ranges:                                  Program selected; 12 binary steps:
                                               100 KHz: ▒5 mV FS to ▒10.24V
                                               50 KHz: ▒0.625 mV FS to ▒ 10.24V.
Filter:                                      F 0 = 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz and 1KHz.
                                                620650: 2-Pole Butterworth
                                                620654: 6-Pole Butterworth
Resolution:                             16-bits (15 + sign bit).
Basic Accuracy:                     ▒ (0.02% FS + 2 uV) for 30 days at
                                                constant temperature after automatic
                                                calibration; includes effects of gain error,
                                                offset, non-linearity, and non-overloading
Gain Stability                         ▒ 0.002% FS/oC change from automatic
                                                calibration temperature.
Zero Stability                         ▒ 1.0 ÁV/oC change from automatic
                                                calibration temperature.
Input Configuration:              Guarded differential input on each channel;
                                                floating or grounded signal sources measured
                                                without degradation.
Common Mode
Voltage, Operating:               ▒ 10 Vdc or peak ac.
Common Mode
Rejection Ratio:                    120 dB max (66 dB + gain in dB + filter
                                                attenuation), dc to 60 Hz with 350 ohm
                                                source imbalance.
Source Current:                     ▒ (1 nA @ 23oC + 0.1 nA/oC).
Input Overload
Without Damage:                  ▒ 100 Vdc or peak ac, common mode
                                               or normal mode.
Sample & Hold
(620654 preamp only):
      Acquisition Time:            30 uS.
      Droop (Hold Mode ):      0.5 mV/mS.
      Aperture Uncertainty:    100 nS, max.
Noise:                                    Total Noise RTI = [(N1)2 + (N2)2]1/2 /A
                                               where N1 = RTI noise; N2 = RTO noise;
                                                A = system gain = 10.24 V/FS Range.

                Noise specifications are 3 Sigma limit, peak-to-peak.
                   f0                       N1                 N2
                 1Hz                    1uV            2500uV
               10Hz                    1uV            2500uV
             100Hz                    2uV            2500uV
               1KHz                    6uV            2500uV

Offset:                                   Included in basic accuracy specification.
Static Crosstalk:                   Included in basic accuracy specification.
Crosstalk (Adjacent
Channel Overload):              ▒0.02% FS (only affects channel following
                                               overloaded channel in scan list).
Non-Linearity:                       Included in basic accuracy specification.
Automatic Calibration:        On command, uP adjusts zero and gain of each
                                               channel to within basic accuracy specification
                                               and verifies calibration.
Analog Output:                     Unfiltered (wideband) output at ▒5 mA from each
                                               preamp; available at rear panel.
Control/Display Panel:         32-character alphanumeric display and
                                               keypad for entering instructions.
Autorange (50 KHz only):    Post amplifier provides autorange over a
                                               1-to-32 gain range in six steps. Combined
                                               with preamp gain, the following ranges are

                           Preamp Gain                Autoranges
                                  512                 ▒0.625 mV to ▒20 mV
                                   64                    ▒5 mV to ▒160 mV
                                     8                    ▒40 mV to ▒1.28 V
                                     1                   ▒320 mV to ▒10.24 V



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