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System 495
Function Card

System 495           Back to 495


Full Scale Input:                             12 programmable steps provide
                                                         bipolar input ranges from 5mV to 10.24 V
Full-Scale Accuracy:                      0.1% of FS at zero frequency
Full-Scale Stability:                        0.02% of FS at constant temperature;
                                                         0.005%/ C
Input Impedance:                           10 Megohms shunted by 500 pF.
Source Current:                              Less than 1.0 nA at 25 oC, 0.1 nA/oC.
Zero Stability:                                5 uV RTI 1.0 mV RTO at constant
                                                         temperature; 1.0 uV/oC RTI, 100 uV/oC

Noise:          BW                      Noise, 3 Sigma
                100.00 KHz      57 uV RTI + 2 mV RTO
                10.00 KHz        18 uV RTI + 2 mV RTO
                1.00 KHz            6 uV RTI + 1 mV RTO

Common Mode Voltage:               10 Vdc peak AC operating, 30 V
                                                        without damage.
Common Mode Rejection:            66dB + gain in dB to 120dB max, dc to
                                                        60 Hz with 350-ohm source imbalance.
Filter:                                              6-pole Bessel filter with four programmable
                                                        cutoff frequencies. Each frequency is
                                                        determined by a plug-in resistor network
                                                        over the range of 100 Hz to 200 KHz.
                                                        Default frequencies are 10 KHz, 20 KHz,
                                                        50 KHz and 100 KHz.
Phase Coherency:                          Phase shift matched channel-to-channel
                                                        within 5 degrees with amplifiers on same
                                                        gain and filter step, dc to cutoff.
Voltage Substitution Calibration:  Solid state relay provided to switch amplifier
                                                        input terminals to common CAL bus under
                                                        program control.
Excitation Supply Feedback:         Solid state relay provided to switch amplifier
                                                        input terminals to excitation supply sense
                                                        lines under program control.
Shunt R Calibration:                      Solid state switch to apply shunt resistor
                                                        across bridge arm under program control.
                                                        Switch ON resistance less than 30 ohms.
Auto-Balance:                                Auto-balance DAC outputs a voltage between
                                                        0 and the excitation supply voltage level.
Bridge Conditioner
Mode Board:                                  Plug on circuit board provided to mount bridge
                                                         completion, shunt R cal and balance limit
                                                         resistors. 1, 2 and 4 arm circuits may be used
                                                         with either local or remote supply sensing.
Excitation Supply:
Output Voltage:                              Programmable over the range of 0 to
                                                         10 volts with a 12-bit DAC.
Output Current:                              100 mA maximum operating current;
                                                         short-circuit protected.
Output Noise:                                 Less than 100 uV pk-pk in 1 KHz bandwidth.
Line Regulation:                            Less than 0.1% change for 10% line variation.
Load Regulation:                           Less than 0.1% change from no load to full
Remote Sensing:                           Positive and ground sense leads are
                                                         provided for remote sensing.


8-Input Trigger Module            Back to 495

The 495030 Trigger module provides eight trigger input signals for the
system. Optic coupling is used to isolate all inputs from each other
and from system ground. Each input may be configured for either TTL
or high voltage AC/DC operation by means of plug-on jumper links.
Schmitt trigger gates are employed to further enhance noise immunity.




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